WEEKEND PASS registration is closed

Passes will be available at the Trading Post at the Ranch throughout the weekend.

All Other Registrations FULL

Between our 12 hour event (held on Thursday) and 24 hour event (Fri-Sat), we have the ability to accommodate approximately 450 competitors for 24HHH.  In an effort to be as fair as possible to returning competitors as well as new comers, we have decided that a lottery system is the best process for our 2014 24 hour registration.  On Monday April 14 at 9 am CST, our online lottery application process will begin on this webpage.  The application will be electronic, easy to fill out, and obviously free - each teammate will fill out the application individually and there will be a place to state your teammate’s name and your team name, which is how we will pair teammates.  The application process will end on Tuesday May 6th at 6 pm CST.  Notifications will be given by email on the morning of May 12, with lottery winner registration opening the following morning of May 13 at 9 am CST, and closing the following morning at 9 am CST (winners of the lottery will have 24 hours to register).  

Those who earned early registration for the 24 hour event (one route every hour for the full 24 hours) will receive an email - we will be contacting you via your email you registered with last year - with specific instructions to register, opening May 5 at 9 am CST and will close the following morning at 9 am CST. 

The 12 hour registration will open online on Monday May 12 at 2 pm CST.  There is no lottery, and will be first come first serve.  Cost, $100 per competitor.

Every attendee to 24HHH will wear a wristband for the duration of the event.  Bands will be color coded (competitors, non-competitors, underage, etc).  Non-competitors/spectators to 24HHH will purchase a weekend pass.  This wristband will cover the full weekend’s festivities including camping, climbing (no roped climbing during the competitions), swag (pint glass, etc), screening of the Reel Rock Film Tour, pasta dinner, and more.  Cost is $40 per person and pass purchases will open on this page May 5 and close August 31.  There is no capacity on weekend pass registration and they will also be available for purchase at the ranch Trading Post during 24HHH. 

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