For years 24HHH registration filled up in less than 2 minutes online.  In 2016 we changed directions and went with a lottery system.  We know that life isn't fair, but we are trying our best to be.  So here's the deal: 

On Monday April 20, 2020 at 9 am CST, our online lottery application process will begin on our sister website at for both the 12 and 24 hour events.  The application will be electronic, easy to fill out, and obviously free (if you already have an account on the site, please log back in using that account - do not open a new one).  The application process will end on Friday May 1st at 6 pm CST.  Notifications will be given by email on the morning of Monday May 4th, with lottery winner registration opening the following morning of May 5th at 9 am CST, and closing the following morning at 9 am CST (winners of the lottery will have 24 hours to register).  

Those who earned early 2019 registration for the 24 hour event (see category bible for qualifications) will receive an email in early April (we will be contacting you via your email you registered with last year) with specific instructions to register.