Every attendee to 24HHH will wear a wristband for the duration of the event.  Bands will be color coded (competitors, non-competitors, underage, etc).  Non-competitors/partiers/spectators to 24HHH will purchase a weekend pass.  This wristband will cover the full weekend’s festivities BEGINNING WEDNESDAY including camping, climbing (no roped climbing during the competitions), swag, film screening, pasta dinner, pancake breakfast, adult beverages (over 21 only) and more.  They can be purchased online at www.horseshoehellapp.com in the month leading up to 24HHH 2019.  Online pass purchases will close a week before 24HHH.  There is no capacity on weekend pass registration and they will also be available for purchase at the ranch Trading Post during 24HHH.

Normal camping/climbing fees apply to anyone who arrives before Wednesday the week of 24HHH